NO GURU - There's No Guru LP

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Members of Mad Nanna, Sky Needle and MYMWLY doing faux ethnic improv with thumb pianos,trumpet,guitar,bass,keyboards,percussion ESP-Disk meets SS Records, to be reissued on Mississippi in 2035? maybe?

"What’s the story with the No Guru LP you’re releasing next month?

Michael Donnelly: No Guru is a long-running Brisbane improv project initiated and maintained by Joel Stern. There’s No Guru was recorded in 2006 and reveals the band in rhythmic/ethnofraud mode. more importantly though, the album is released to celebrate and honor the life of Jeremy Nuske, who sadly passed away in 2010. Jeremy was a core member of not only No Guru but also the underground experimental music culture of Brisbane in the 2000s. The album also marks the debut vinyl release for Hashram." - CRAWLSPACE site