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NO DOCTORS - "T-Bone Parts 1 & 2" 7"

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"Another well-smoked slab of glorious "what the fuck?" by visionary caterwaulers of chaos and ex-Chicago blues cruisers, No Doctors. Equal parts backwards boogie and straight skullfucking confusion, "T-Bone Pt. 1" stomps one through hard and thick, slinging broken barn-boned riffs that collide head on with sputtering cross-eyed measures of brilliance and back again. "T-Bone Pt. 2" ensues after a quick flip to side B as you and your square-minded notions are slapped straight in the face with a wet hose spewing talkin' box (!) snarl and ultimately delivers your blown mind on a broken piece of hobo-stew stained porcelain." - Noel Von Harmonson (Comets On Fire)