Time is a color


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According to idioteq.com new action’s song ‘III’ is “a haunting symphony from Adelaide’s emo realm, summons the ethereal specters of The Hated, Evergreen, Hüsker Dü, and Comet Gain. With a relentless, pulsating rhythm, this emotional punk rock jam accelerates through the depths of human sentiment. Veiled in a mist of slightly distorted vocals, the organic essence of its sound resonates with the raw, untamed spirit of a truly honest offering. This ephemeral, simply crafted, yet hearty and genuine, “III” unfolds its poignant narrative in a mere two minutes, leaving listeners wanting more.” of course their second song ‘monument to taste’ is just as much of a banger.

amid the old wounds contributes two songs that mark the start of a new chapter of work titled ‘half alive’. musically they don’t stray too far from what the artist presented on his predeceeding 7″ ‘rebreather’, maybe they are even a little sadder, and more intimate.

atow’s “hypothetically speaking II” is exclusive to the vinyl and is not available for stream. records include a download code for all 4 songs.