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NINA RYSER - I Hope All Your Dreams Come True LP

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"This is the vinylization of the fourth solo album (originally released on cassette by Ramp Local) by NINA RYSER, she of the trio, PALBERTA. Palberta's releases have all been quite amazing—ragged bags filled with musical lumps of the finest kind imaginable. Comparisons have been drawn (and quite rightly) between Palberta and units ranging from Kleenex to Aunt Sally to the Raincoats, so anticipation for this new album was kite-high and rising. I Hope All Your Dreams Come True veers from the rockist traits Palberta sometimes displays to a sound far more personal, electronics-spattered and specifically warped, momentarily reminding this listener of individual post-X Ray Spex projects by both Poly Styrene and Lora Logic. The small extra contributions by GODS WISDOM (vocals) and GABE ADELS (clarinet) do little to change the lonerist vibe. It all feels like music that has been bubbling inside a single head, without any plans to have its expressionism filtered through other brain waves. The album is interspersed with three variant and fragmentary covers of The Cradle's 'Abdicate,' recorded by ANINA IVORY-BLACK (also of Palberta), but trying to figure out what these mean is above my pay grade. Suffice to say, they're interesting breaks in the continuity of an alternately smudgy and frantic set of tunes. There is also one track recorded back on 2001 that's like a Throwback Thursday snap for old school Brooklynites. I've listened to this a bunch now, and it's hard to describe exactly what the center of the project is about, but it's certainly chewy and delicious. So what the hell? Dig in!"—Byron Coley, 2017 Edition of 300.