Temporary Residence

NINA NASTASIA - Riderless Horse LP

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The US-American songwriter NINA NASTASIA returns after a twelve(!) year break with a new album on Temporary Residence!

Her sixth studio album "Riderless Horse" was again created in close collaboration with Steve Albini, who has been a declared fan of the Californian since her 2000 debut "Dogs".

"Riderless Horse" was recorded after NINA NASTASIA took an extended hiatus from music - her acclaimed latest album Outlaster was released in 2010 - and after the suicide of her former partner and longtime creative collaborator, Kennan Gudjonsson, in 2020. "Riderless Horse" now documents this grief, but also deals with moments of self-empowerment and the joy of discovering her own abilities, as the cult musician explains in a statement accompanying the album announcement.

NASTASIA produced "Riderless Horse" with Steve Albini, with whom she has worked on all her previous albums, and Greg Norman in a cabin in the woods in upstate New York.