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NIGHT PUNCH - Where Sins Bloom So Does Death TAPE

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There is a creature coming from the cocaine infested waters of the river Alster and it's looking for the deadly blow: NIGHT PUNCH from Hamburg have unleashed their debut „Where sins bloom so does death“, that is brutal and insidious at the same time.

What the hell happened in 2019? Five ex-members of fine Garagepunk-bands wake up in burned out underground parking garage. Where shadows give birth to more shadows something was taken shape, that's now captured by NIGHT PUNCH on tape. An intense Synth-Punk-monolith of 13 songs coming blazing fast at you, taking a short rest, only to hit even harder afterwards. Take a breath inbetween, when synth-melodies straight out of late 70ies horror movies announce the next attack.

Beware! NIGHT PUNCH act uncompromising, but not blunt: razor sharp guitar riffs cut through and drive everything in front of them with the restless drums in unholy union. MicroBrute und MicroKorg-synth are not this dominant, they create a dark atmosphere and a hookline here and there – biting like acid. The vocal are another piece of the puzzle - ragged/hectic, then disgusted/resigned again – a good fit to the lyrics, that range from existentialist self-disgust to nightmarish metamorphoses a la Lynch or Cronenberg. There is even the wish to quit civilization and to live in a barrel like Diogenes.

„Where sin bloom so does death“ was recorded by NIGHT PUNCH by themselves between summer 2022 and spring 2023. Drum recording, mix and mastering by Gregor Gerken at Rawcat Recordings. The cassette tape with a running time of 32:40 minutes will be released by It's Eleven Records.