NICK FORTE - Primordial Forms LP

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Primordial Forms is NICK FORTE's most demanding and conceptual work to date. Forté has always been intrigued by the visual representation of sound on the computer screen. Editing software depicts sound as “waveforms” which can look like jagged landscapes or abstract geometric forms. For the five pieces that comprise the record, Forté created five one-second sounds on his computer based purely on the visual appeal of the waveform. He made these waveforms with the speakers off. These visually appealing forms became the seeds for the pieces on the record. With the speakers turned back on, Forté then turned these discrete sound units into long form music through a slow and deliberate process of looping, editing, and manipulation. The entire record was made in a pirated version of Sound Forge from the late '90s. No sequencers or multi-track programs were used and no real time playing occurred on these tracks. Forte’s compositional process can be likened to cartoon animation, or Muybridge’s photographic innovations capturing movement and motion. Forté is one of the most innovative and overlooked figures in contemporary experimental and extreme music, though those aware of his discography recognize the arch and foundational significance of his work. From RORSCHACH to RASPBERRY BULBS, and more importantly in his solo releases on Schematic, Soft Abuse, Sublight, Wodger and Catholic Tapes, Forté is one of the most versatile and rigorous musicians working today. LP includes a 12-page book that expands on the images, themes and ideas central to these five compositions.