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NI - Dedoda LP

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NI (sometimes spelled as Ni) is an Austrian avant-jazz/math-rock band from Linz. Featuring three guitarists and one drummer, Ni are playing highly complex polyrhythmic instrumental noise improvisations, equally energetic and impressive both in live and studio environments, and pipe-lining anything from free jazz, space rock drones, bossa nova, no wave and musique concrete in their experimental rock crossover. The group was formed by members of Tumido, Fang Den Berg and Braaz, and recorded their debut album at Goon Studios, where Manuel Mitterhuber (one of the band's guitarists) had been working as an audio engineer at the time. Self-titled Ni LP was released in March 2010 by Zach Records. Several European concert tours followed, with NI appearing on stage in futuristic white space-themed outfits, varying between show, and somehow reminiscent both of late Coil and Devo stage personas.