NEW FAULTLINES - ancient seas 7"

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A perfect final offering from Dulc-i-Tone's fine family of beautifully handmade and fucked-up musical treasures, NEW FAULTLINES are San Francisco's best garage-pop sleepers. Brilliantly home-recorded by brothers LUKE and ZACH ROBBINS, the band makes lazy pop melodies with languidly lovely harmonies like only brothers can make. Despite their garage-punk pedigree (Zach booked the former hub of SF sloppy garage-punk, Pissed Off Pete's, and played alongside Traditional Fools members in the surf-punk band SLEEPY BEACH), New Faultlines take a much gentler angle, with a sound that more closely recalls LA's early-’80s Paisley Underground and the reverbed-out pop of mid-’80s England. The layered guitars and rolling bass of A-side "Ancient Seas" somehow channel both "Chronic Town"-era REM's Rickerbacker jangle and Felt’s best atmospheric guitar work. The fifteenth record in fifteen years from Dulc-i-Tone, New Faultlines’ debut single represents the final installment from the label that brought you now-collectable records from The Aislers Set, The Mantles, Ganglians, Eat Skull, Six Organs, and The Scrotum Poles. Hand-stamped records, limited to 300.