NEIN RODERE - Catch Up With Social TAPE

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Lo-Fi bedroom electronics from Berlin. Dark, trippy and bloomin'.

"Second wigged out tape by Berlin based artist David Roeder (...) Some parts have crude pop structuring (reminiscent of Electric Blood). Others are built around spoken bits with a certain Bill Direen vibe. Still others are like the noisiest blurts from the UK Underground circa 1979 (...) let it's raspy metal tongue give your brain a thorough cleaning."
(Byron Coley, The WIRE)

"One of the prettiest, most seductively atmospheric new tunes to have dropped outta nowhere into my lap in 2020. The room ambience, the tape hiss, the relaxed tempo etc (...) it's the kind of diamond that Volcanic Tongue used to dig out of the New Zealand or Australian underground scenes with surprising ease"
(Not Unloved on "Feeling and Form")