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NEIL O'HARDTY - Angels Are Apparent TAPE

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The 21-year-old vagabond artist Neil O’hardty (formerly known as Blackheart) has been a prolific staple of the underground hip-hop electronica internet music scene for the past 5 years. Since the age of 15, Neil O’hardty (the musical alias of Curtis Fearon) has self-released 5 albums under the ‘Blackheart’ handle, with a unique lo-fi synthwave trap sound, with heavy influence induced by sounds found throughout video games and cartoons, especially anime. Having spent recent years living in Melbourne, Australia, Neil O’hardty has become an embedded part in underground & DIY circles throughout the world, collaborating with artists such as Spacegirl Gemmy, Deject, LoneMoon & Zander. Now based back in New York, upcoming album ‘Angels Are Apparent’ marks a new chapter for Curtis Fearon, embracing the Neil O’Hardty moniker and transcending the already brilliant production of their previously releases as Blackheart.