Blackest Rainbow

NACKT INSECTEN - Reality Bridge LP

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Second full length LP from Scotland / New York weirdo Ruaraidh Sanachan who also is the guitar shredder in Moon Unit and runs on of the best tape labels in the UK, Sick Head. Reality Bridge's four tracks of psyche-out futuristic electric haze are a step up from Sanachan's previous full length LP, 'Quantum Odyssey' we released almost two years ago. 'Reality Bridge' is one hell of a record, pulling together kosmische synth, guitar wailing, sci-fi insanity and b-movie bliss outs. The record is housed in a pro-printed sleeve featuring new insane artwork by Ruaraidh featuring a super degraded repeated self portrait with synth in space. The artwork is definitely up there with the now classic 'Quantum Odyssey' cover. Pressed on virgin vinyl.