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MUDBOY - MuDMuX Volume One 7"

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This is the first installment of a series of 7"'s to be released by various labels. Each record contains a single track on each side by a different band- produced, mixed, orchestrated, destroyed, mutilated and brought back to life by the dark dreams of Mr. mudboy. Side A of this first edition features an unearthed file by the Extreme Animals resurrected as a tribute to "Lil John Carpenter." Percussion by Jeremy Lazy "animal" Magnet Harris. Side B is a devastating whirlpool cliff walk based on a song written and sung by the DarkDarkDark band. Backup fingers by Alec K Redfearn of the Eyesores fame." Cover art is a hand made blue and gold 4 pass silkscreen by R Lyon in collaboration with Kevin Hooyman. Limited to 535.