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MT. EERIE ( Mount Eeerie ) - “Song Islands vol. 2” DLP

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Mt. Eerie Singles compilation. 31 songs, double vinyl plus download. Totally awesome.

SONG ISLANDS vol. 2 is the 2nd collection of scattered, isolated non-album tracks (get it? “islands”?) by Phil Elverum and his MOUNT EERIE project, vol. 1 having been released by K records in 2002 under the MICROPHONES name.

These songs span from long ago (Where Is My Tarp? from 2002, recorded during the Microphones’ perpetual occupation of Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia) to recent out-takes from 2009’s Wind’s Poem (Lost Wisdom and (wind lyrics), explorations into the mysteries of black metal) and all kinds of wildly divergent places in between. Raw poems barely accompanied on acoustic guitar, expanses of wooden percussion, distorted punk instructionals, hundreds of voices singing, an attempt at smooth jazz, the lowest note on a questionable piano in a big empty room.
Many of these songs have never been released before, and the rest have only been released into ultra-obscurity on limited 7” singles and forgotten compilations, finally compiled here for the first time onto 2 white vinyl LPs (with free download!), wrapped in a heavy gatefold jacket with a 32 page booklet of details, all enfolded in a fancy letterpressed bookband. Every song was re-mixed and remastered by the illustrious John Golden. As always, P.W. Elverum & Sun maintains the highest standards of manufacturing quality.

This is excellent music and a fine package. It is worth owning.