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MOUTH - Getaway LP

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Mouth from Cologne are switching from prog label Tonzone to This Charming Man with their fourth album "Getaway" - and no one could be happier about it than me! What a crazy trip the three of them throw in here. The first song almost exceeds the duration of a long-playing record. Meandering beautifully trippy through the musical swamp rock landscape of the 60s and 70s, Mouth scrape along all the genres that you can touch with a classic rock band - prog, rock, space, garage, jazz or krautrock - all of this comes together on "Getaway". , pounding mass formed. With "Once" they have a real hit on board that can make the dance floor of any indie/rock party shake - just great. And of course the 4th album is an album whose songs are interwoven by a narrative concept: a hopeless escape without a happy ending. The cover comes from the artist Rolf Maria Koller (The Apocalyptic Dream | 1972) and the master is done by Eroc.