MOUNTAINHOOD - Boat-maker’s Daughter LP

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The Boat-Maker's Daughter is a record about transition and transformation. It is an expression of total breakage from all prior forms of thought and action--your parents, your government, your faith--and blazing a new path through doomsday to the other side. The songs range from the quiet, fragile, and distant "Geodesic Dome, Oregon" to the anthemic folk sing-along of "Jaine," one of the most accessible songs in the MOUNTAINHOOD catalog. With The Boat-Maker’s Daughter, Mountainhood has transformed and shed much of the tape hiss that defined his earlier recordings, and let these very special songs of rapture shine through. This is not only a singular release for Hilde, but for the entire psych-folk genre. Poster designed by HILDE included. Previous releases on Time-Lag, Important and Blackest Rainbow.