P.W. Elverum and Sun

MOUNT EERIE - no flashlight LP

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Repressed with heavy gatefold cover and new artwork

Once known as ‘The Microphones’, Phil Elverum is something of an oddity in the indie scene. Ignoring the press garnered for the amazing ‘Glow pt.2’ album (which was rated as a no.1 album of the year in 2001 by Pitchfork) he instead carried on regardless, nurturing his home grown experimentations deep in the underground – limited edition vinyl presses and loveably eccentric packaging keeping things under the radar. The music, however, remained as infectious as ever, and this album is a triumph of indie-folk tampering par excellence. Using noisy distorted elements (a la Fennesz) and combining them with classic indie crooning and a heartbroken pop sensibility (not unlike Khonnor’s debut ‘Handwriting’) what we are treated to is an album of delicate beauty without any irony. If like me you are feeling let down by the state of indie music at the moment, then this is the album for you. Perfect pop music, done totally wrong - just the way we like it!