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MOTH EGGS - Recursive Surfing TAPE

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some people come to be known as "naturals" because music seems to spontaneously
create itself in parallel to any of their kinetic activities , but these special
cases don't necessarily enjoy any cleaner or easier a relationship to their work .
all this to say : it's lucky Francis Carr likes music as much as it likes him ! this
tape collects material recorded in Brattleboro VT during the final years of the Happy
Jawbone Family Band [the other 1/2 of whose songwriting team now ploughs the field w/
The Lentils] & after F.'s subsequent withdrawal to Connecticut . so Recursive Surfing's
a real grab bag : imagine the most slobber-inducing home-recording / power-pop
compilations or whatever & you've got a pretty good picture . 'cause Franky isn't
just a multi-idiomatic hit songwriter (reclusive , inverted , cassette-memory Newell
/ Pink style on "Death On Willie Mays Avenue" , Gizmos / Lovers punk on "Generic
Love" , "Coffee Shop" , Pooh Sticks / Crime Time on "Twist Of The Knife" , blah
blah etc.) ; he's also a top-caliber hardly-repeats-himself-and-never-wants-to
ADAT , cassette & laptop recordist who gets (interesting) results . I don't
wanna insert this copacetic , pure-servant-of-rock's-best-qualities into my own
personal polemic so I won't even mention how much better this shit is than what
gets the imprimatur of the contemporary garage rock empire (of course secretly
under sway of the same blanded-out '90s "college rock" dynasty the rest of us
have been strenuously avoiding even thinking about since its inception) .
but there , I said it ! my friend made stuff as shockingly good as Hybrid
 , as Amos & Sara , & I'm proud to share it w/ you (in 2014 , no
less , when music like this is , to my mind , hard to make !
46 minutes , art by Jo Miller-Gamble & Trebor Broadbentium