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Frickin' A-Bomb dropped from the south side of Sweden. After a couplea pretty bad ass singles, MORALENS VAKTARE lose their kiddie shoes and check into the big leagues with this tough Rockin, back alley ripper. With their feet firmly planted in the Rock-ier side of Punk Rock, namely bands like the Real Kids, Gizmos and Heartbreakers; MORALENS VAKTARE's continue their guitar slinging, Riff-N-Roll onslaught. You can tell these fuckers've given ample turntable time to their old musty Kids, Hubble Bubble and The Pack records. As this scuzzy mid-fi, diamond in the rough is like a punk rock-snot rocket shot straight outta 1978. Messy mangled riffs splattered in beer, Cheetos and fun. Tasty.