MONTEVALE - figure and ground LP

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Montevale are Thomas Sattig and Ahlie Schaubel. Ahlie has been active as a singer for over two decades, having co-founded German Riot-Grrrl band elektrolochmann and Post-Hardcore band Monochrome in the 1990s. Together with Thomas, an academic philosopher and night-time composer, she formed Montevale in the 2000s. Montevale build songs for piano, horns, entangled voices, and various sorts of harmonic dirt. They released their EP “Papertricks” in 2005, shortly before embarking on a journey, over the course of ten years, through six cities in three countries. Their first full-length album “Movements of a Decade”, released in 2015, marked the end of that journey. In the five years that followed, Montevale wrote, recorded, and engineered their second album “Figure and Ground” in their bespoke recording studio in Southern Germany. The album is the duo’s most integrated work to date.