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MO DU / ENSYNC - Punctum Live Split 001 TAPE

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Two live sets by Mo-Du and Ensync.

Mo-Du: Jan Jiskra lives & composes in Prague. He primarily works with synthesisers, sequencers, drum machines and a variety of other electronic sound generators. With his latest project MO-DU, he focuses on building his sound in concord with the legacy of the "Berlin school of electronic music" and explores the potential of modular synthesizers.

His activities comprise of off-stage composing, occasional live performances and releases on his own independent low-cost label "Mata Mata Records". Being a vinyl enthusiast, he also showcases gems from his collection every month on Radio Punctum, in his show "Station To Station".

Ensync: enSYNC is an unexpected reunion of french drummer Bstn Chmpns and Italian sound nut Riccardo Gamondi. Acoustic drums meet deep live feedback and electronic sound manipulation resulting in a compelling and austere minimalist soundscape, filled with metallic rhythms, sub-bass swells and a distinctly stark atmosphere.