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MISCALCULATIONS - The Perfect Candidate LP

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Miscalculations were formed in a dark, asbestos-lined basement in Harlow in a towering loft overlooking the concrete, steel and flesh of North London.  Absorbing their environment and analyzing life around them, the Miscalculations continue to evolve as a band.  On their fifth album the Miscalculations utilize more synths than on the last full length and continue to show that they’re still one of the best and most unique punk bands going. On ‘The Perfect Candidate’ they give us the best blend of post punk a la Wire, Gang Of Four and Joy Division mixed in with a heavy dose of the electro-punk sounds of bands like the Units, Screamers, Devo and Vicious Visions.  Another solid release from this great band from London containing ex members of the Gaggers, Disco Lepers and the Cold Callers.