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MINDY MISTY / EUROP EUROP - mindy misty vs europ europ LP

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Mindy Misty is an indie fourpiece from the artic sphere of Oslo Norway. With musical background from indie/Black Metal/C-64 electronica/and Noise Mindy Misty manages to create a different and hard indiesound. The melodies are often catchy and harmonic though there's a schizophrenic monster lurking in the undertoad exploding in frenzies every now and then. The dark forrests of Norway may have helped shape the melancholy and mystique of these heartsounds. Media Quote: "Mindy Misty is part of a growing indie/gitarnoise scene in Oslo and they should fit nicely into every twisted musiclover's taste. If you like the fabulous melodic twists and raw indiesound of bands like Pavement, Superchunk, Dinosaur Jr, Crazy Horse, Sebadoh, Modest Mouse, Frank Black and Sonic Youth - I'm pretty sure you will love Mindy Misty".

Europ Europ was formed by Kurt Klein a polish immigrant that fled to Köln,Germany in 1921. He fell in love with his neighbours piano and composed classics like "Leaving Home", "Grunger Cut Your Hair","The Swinging 30..s"and "Gasoline Lover". Manipulating his own recordings and sending them around europe he quickly made a name and musicians all over wanted to play with Kurt Klein. He named the orchester europ europ and they travelled around the continent recieving fame and glory. Kurt Klein has later been viewed as quit a phsycic composing singles like "Is Disco The Future?" in 1935, "Reunite Berlin" in 1937, "Hitler will die in 45" recorded in 1942 and released in 1946, "You Punk Me!" in 1952 and "Madonna Can..t Sing" in 1957. Kurt Klein died in 1959 of a heroin overdose, he had 17 children and no wifes. We stole the band name in 1997 and have been laughing and crying ever since.