MINAXI - Lazuleen LP

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If this is your first introduction to Minaxi's music, a "sonic buffet" is the simplest way of describing the band's sound. Operating with the rock motifs of guitars, bass, drums and voice, aided by the auxiliary instrumentation featuring the tabla, sitar and electronics, the members in Minaxi design distinct atmospheres in their compositions. As such, the sound encompasses elements from the genres of shoegazing, dream pop, noise rock, sufi, Indian classical music, ambient and techno music.

For "Lazuleen", Minaxi's second studio album, the band begins with this sonic palette and launches it into different trajectories. Thematically, the album is a conversation between life and the world it inhabits. Emotionally, the songs are about love, death, beauty, freedom and nostalgia for one's home. These are addressed to the oceans, skies, trees and winds through the lens of the lazuli bunting, the blue songbird. Fluent in English and Hindi, this particular songbird sings the story via the narrative of eleven A-sides and a handful of B-sides and remixes.