MILLIONS - gather scatter LP

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Driven by this tension, the sound of Millions is that of vicious mood swings. On Gather Scatter, Millions' debut full length (the Telephone Game EP was released in 2007 on Team Abunai Records), songs brood and boil, then erupt into manic fits, sometimes soaring toward light, sometimes crashing and burning. The pounding rhythm section of bassist Mark Konwinski and drummer Patrick O'Shea drives straight and steady through the storms.

“Millions evokes much of what was exciting about the Windy City in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s... Gnarly guitar work and bruising beats (think Jesus Lizard and Rapeman).” -Revolver

“Millions debut full-length eviscerates much of the younger hardcore competition... A punishing record that packs an absolute ton into each song.” -Decibel