MILLARD AND DYCE - s/t (aka Open) LP

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MILLARD & DYCE was a folk-rock band formed in the 1970s, and based in Baltimore. They toured on the East Coast for several years and released just the one album via custom vinyl purveyors Century/Kaymar in 1973, which has since become a rare collector's item, recently selling in excess of $ 400. First time reissued on vinyl.  "...Impressive, successful mix of electric and acoustic contemporary folk blues, with three guitars and bass. The typical private press weakness in singing and playing is missing; instead we get earthy, convin­cing vocals delivering no-bullshit tunes on Native Americans, the environment and society, mixed with more private love songs. A definite Tim Hardin influence can be heard, and as often it’s an advantage, especially since the emotional commitment of Millard & Dyce is so very real. A musical equivalent of those great old 70s movies like “The Scarecrow” or “Five Easy Pieces”; skillfully spun tales from the American underbelly with no desire to compromise. Fenner, Leland & O’Brien is a possible comparison, and this is at least as good."—Patrick Lundborg (RIP), Acid Archives