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MILITARIE GUN - All Roads Lead To The Gun II LP

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"Last year, when everything shut down, Regional Justice Center leader Ian Shelton started a new project called Militarie Gun, and he posted a two-song demo on Bandcamp. Shelton’s Militarie Gun songs weren’t much like the fast and brutal hardcore of RJC. They were still loud and heavy and angry — still hardcore — but they also had melodies and hooks and ’90s-style noise-rock riffs. Militarie Gun soon became a full-on band. Now, they’ve released their third EP.

After that demo, Militarie Gun released the 2020 EP My Life Is Over and then, earlier this year, another EP called All Roads Lead To The Gun. That was one of two EPs that they planned to release this year. The second, All Roads Lead To The Gun II, is out now. It’s four new songs of gruff, mean, catchy guitar music." - Stereogum