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Recently reunited synth-punk/post-hardcore band MILEMARKER deliver a new album via Lovitt Records. Coming a decade after their last full-length release, Overseas is notable for being a focused and cohesive effort. Fans of early 2000s releases like Frigid Forms Sell and Anaesthetic will find a clear sonic continuity in the angular, aggressive guitars, tense melodic vocals and soaring keyboard hooks. New members KENA KILKKA (synth, vocals) and EZRA CALE (drums) deepen the krautrock and electronic tendencies, pushing the sound in unexpected directions. The album was recorded in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany (where the band is now located), with Electrical Audio studios’ GREG NORMAN (Russian Circles, Godspeed You Black Emperor!) behind the board. Formed 1997 in Chapel Hill, NC by AL BURIAN, DAVE LANEY and BEN DAVIS, Milemarker quickly gained recognition in the independent music scene for their explosive live shows and adventurous instrumentation. The band became known for its combination of post-hardcore punk with new wave electronics, and grew to include singer/synth player ROBY NEWTON, as well as drummers SEAN HUYSICK and NOAH LEGER. Milemarker played nearly 1000 shows in support of their releases Frigid Forms Sell (Lovitt, 2000) and Anaesthetic (Jade Tree, 2001), touring extensively in North America, Europe and Japan. In 2009, guitarist Dave Laney moved to Hamburg and bassist Al Burian moved to Berlin. Milemarker reformed in 2014 and returned to the stage in 2015 with Lena Kilkka on keys and vocals and Ezra Cale on drums. This summer, the band will embark on their first U.S. tour since 2008, including a performance at the Wrecking Ball ATL festival in Atlanta, GA