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MICKEY - Rock N Roll Dreamer LP

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"Oh yes, the Mickey album is finally here, and it's one of those records that will hit you unexpectedly. This sparklingly devilish debut LP comes off so ferociously powerful and snotty, yet recorded and delivered with a finesse and attitude so overwhelming, it might just become your new obsession. Deranged glam pop that hearkens back to the daze of corrupted youth, running from the law, outwitting your parents, and the endless thrills that come with breaking away into where the night takes you. It's got the desperation and the dereliction to conjure these impulses so well, you might even feel like running away from home, just for that irreplaceable rush, years after you've already left. Guitars this clean shouldn't sound this dirty, and songs this juvenile should never be this immediate. That's just what might be the most intriguing facet of this debut LP, a triumphant return to the nastiness of unhinged rock'n roll that spans the ages. Conjuring '50s/'70s doo-wop/glitter catchiness with pop/metal hooks that just were never supposed to be, yet here they are, running down your legs in all their soiled glory, as the songs come bleeding out of the speakers while you scream down the highway."