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In 1990, Michael Psycho released a great punk rock record that almost no one heard. A Boston-transplant and veteran of Sacramento’s early ’80s hardcore scene (Industrial Hate, Inducore), Psycho said “fug it” to his former bandmates and recorded Think by his lonesome. The sound is a stripped-down, high-energy, nasty-attitude cross of garage punk, hardcore and DIY with a vocal sneer that resembles No Alternative’s Johnny Genocide. Psycho pressed a bunch up, sent a few out, and then stored most of the pressing at a friend’s house. The friend’s dad dropped the records off at the dump. In all, less than 100 survived. One of the few to hear it was Byron Coley, who dubbed Think “a lost monster of inept raw disorganized garage punk … this is classic shit!” S-S Records agreed! With the artist’s blessing, the label got the thing remastered by John Golden and pressed a bunch more up. So if you were pulling out your hair trying to find this scarce nugget, or were thinking, “What? I didn’t know about this thing!” or just want a blast of outsider loner punk greatness, here ya go.