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The 1977 psychedelic rarity, Michael Angelo (aka The Guinn Album), by Kansas City, MO-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist MICHAEL ANGELO NIGRO, is a hook-filled, staggering, inner space hi-fi snapshot of dreamy folk-rock, Anglophile-pop and light psychedelia. Filled with poetic and imaginative lyrical imagery and a Beatle-esque vocal presence that etches lovely figures, Michael Angelo taps into the forever, ruminating on timeless life concerns in an oblique and direct manner. This is a cohesive album-length statement that stands as a heavy-hitter in the pantheon of “out-of-time” treasures, with strummy, jangly folk-rock guitar, incendiary lead lines, big, resonant piano chords and plaintive tinkling, aided by keyboard coloring. Coming to form in local professional studios where he worked as a mid-to-late ‘70s session man, Michael plays all instruments on the album (spare drums, handled by FRANK GAUTIERI).    Original copies of this obscurity have long traded for close to four figures. The more affordable versions previously available have been shoddy bootlegs with poor sound. While the original master tapes vanished decades ago, this edition has been treated to a new re-master from a sealed original mint copy—and with Michael’s full involvement and blessing—rendering it as near the sound of the original LP as possible. Without the need to shell out top-dollar—and, with full, sterling sound—we can now all drift within a sea of dreams with Michael Angelo.