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before michael yonkers would revise the history of recorded music with the clarion chords of microminiature love, he was in a band called michael and the mumbles, and they made this self-titled LP in 1966. in the premiere spin, their would-be debut comes off as a naive, teenage trip thru the typified garage band moves of this era. but repeated listening reveals a darkness beneath what some dullard might be deceived by as it's crisp, winsome visage. it's only to a slightly less visible degree that the mumbles LP has the same characteristics that would make micro the singularly original piece that is; it's emotionally bleak themes, dissonant undercurrents, and recklessly wild performance. so, once again we have a michael yonkers LP that is going to turn yr world upside down, make the college girls scream and leave you wondering how many more times this can happen. seriously, pigeon falls up here looked like a riot on the sunset strip. indulge yrself. ps. michael and the mumbles is on the king of all known formats only (with a digital download coupon, natch), the mastertapes used herein are 45 yrs old and aside from the glitch on "cold town", they sound as good as they could and yr not going to have any trouble embracing their magic ..