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METZ - Up On Gravity Hill LP

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"Up On Gravity Hill", their sixth album from METZ and their first in four years. It was produced by Seth Manchester (MDOU MOCTAR, LINGUA IGNOTA, BATTLES, THE BODY) and features guest appearances from BLACK MOUNTAIN's Amber Webber and composer and string arranger OWEN PALLETT. METZ, a band once known for shattering eardrums with songs filled with joyous fury, has in recent years begun to explore ways to turn harshness into atmosphere. The evolution of their sound reflects not only the Canadian trio's maturation, but also a changing world that requires nuance and compassion to understand and survive. This is also the case on their latest work "Up On Gravity Hill", where the band continues to push the raw power of rock music to its most delicate and complicated ends. They deliver a deep, detailed and relentlessly personal collection of songs that have fused into not only METZ's strongest, but also most beautiful album to date.