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MERCY TIES - a dim lit place LP

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After two splits and an initial demo effort. Seattle’s Mercy Ties delivers an installation of pure, unadulterated chaos translated into the form of sound. This intense treatment is broken up into seven tracks where they display not only their signature “mathy” traits, but a whole other dimension of d-beat, stripped down hardcore punk never seen before in the previous work. Working in tandem, they bounce effortlessly between the two with hair raising fast bridges, to unrelenting charging bars throughout the session. Not to mention there are some keynote breaks that display a unforgiving measure of heaviness for a band of their caliber. Recorded with Paurl Walsh (X-Ray Press) at The Red Room and mastered by the legendary Carl Saff (Young Widows, Kid Crash, Pygmy Lush, Coliseum). Limited 1st pressing of 300 on vinyl with a 5-panel, full color jacket. Comes with digital download.