MEERCAZ - space hate 12"

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MEERCAZ drops the Space Hate EP later this month on Tic Tac Totally. And it sounds likes it's name implies. Much thicker, nastier, organic broth of severely unabashed proto-punk and spaced-out aesthetics that have me seeing Twinkeyz. Pushing up the great Stooge-mountain like some anti-gravity lava flow, drawing on some of Hawkwind's primordial elements as well. And what ‘70s-styled space rock stew is complete without a dash of Half-Machine Lip Moves-era Chrome? And like these examples it's a grandiose little dose of solid material. And building well onto the first LP's foundation. Meercaz is constantly tinkering with the future, inventing their mental toy chest in these sounds while drawing on the true beasts of yesterday. Looking forward to big things. No diet music on this record. And watch your teeth! The shit is reasonably digestible, yes, but also quite chewy. Spread over 12 long inches for that ‘sound’ sound.”—Tic Tac Totally