italian beach babes

MAZES - 'IBB Tape' 12"

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This was originally released for Record Store Day 2011, unfortunatly we couldnt get it out to as many stores in time as we would have liked. So were making the excess stock available online to everyone who missed out.

Before Conan joined the band, we knew him from playing shows in London and his label Italian Beach Babes. He put us up a couple of times. We hit it off. After he'd been listening to Sebadoh's Freed Weed all day, he mailed me and asked whether Mazes would like to do a tape on Italian Beach Babes... demos, live versions, half songs, field recordings... it appealed to the part of me that had been listening to Virgin Fugs all day and the part of me that had nothing better to do.

I began collecting together all of the demos that I'd recorded over 2009. At that time Jarin and I lived in different cities, so Mazes existed purely as a project...not really a band...I'd send him songs that I recorded on my phone or in Garageband and he'd get back to me with thoughts and ideas. We'd record together very occasionally and usually if we had a seven inch to put together. Our great friend Jay would play drums, my girlfriend Claire would sing back up and those recordings make up the more 'band-y' side of the tape. The rest of the songs were things that I recorded on my eight track the week after Conan was fun to have a deadline from someone, with absolutely no brief.