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Berlin based Estonian singer, songwriter and producer Mauno Meesit is expressing himself through heartfelt songs and minimalist arrangements.

“ I feel very inspired by acoustic instruments and those microscopic sounds that you can hear when you stop for a moment and take the time to listen to how the sounds play with silence. Silence is not emptiness, it always has its own sound that holds everything else together. I wanted to capture the feeling that I have when I am sitting alone with my guitar in a quiet little room while singing only to myself. I recorded the songs so closely and silently that you can almost feel as if I am singing right next to you. That is why I named the album ‘Closer’.

During recording my goal was to discover ways to make guitars and vocals sound the way that I haven’t heard them before. I used guitar picks made of carton, felt and wood instead of plastic. I ended up recording five different guitars, among them a lovely 100 year old Austrian parlor guitar, that you can mostly hear in ‘Blue Bird’ song. To add more warmth to the sound, I sang vocals through an old American Turner microphone from the 1940’s. "