MATT CARLSON - Particle Language LP

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Intrepid and mightily impressive solo debut LP from Matt Carlson, who is highly respected for work as one half of the fantastic Golden Retriever duo and with avant-pop group, Parenthetical Girls. 'Particle Language' is a much anticipated follow-up to his 'Stereo Face' and 'Gecko Dream Levels' cassettes for Gift Tapes, and appears as the first vinyl release on their sub-label, Draft. In our experience his music has consistently pushed at the peripheries of perception with its ingenious ability to morph and manipulate waveforms far beyond the imagination of almost anyone you'd care to mention - It's a genuinely far out sound. And as the title suggests, there's a preoccupation with physics at play, articulated in his accompanying short essay on self-observing feedback loops and Meta-physical epiphenomena, and manifested in the unstable, diffuse shapes and sounds created by his modular synth and innovative use of vocoder. They are highly chaotic systems; fragmented, fractal sounds scurry, squirm, flutter and dissipate within seemingly self-organising ecologies, colliding in a synthesized pressure chamber which itself appears to change shape and reconstitute at will. At crucial moments shredded vocoder voices serrate across the stereo field, sounding like the tortured ghouls of OPN's 'Returnal' attempting to re-establish contact through the ether, but always kept tantalisingly out of reach and diffused into gaseous particle play. Rhythms are decimated, time structures in flux and bent like light. But, for all their haphazard arrangement, there's a visionary navigator in the cockpit, channelling and interpreting the stream of electronic information with an omnipotent power. We're left reeling and think a lot of you will be too. Highly recommended if you like Bernard Parmegiani, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Pat Murano's Decimus project, Daphne Oram, or Oneohtrix Point Never.