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MATT BALDWIN - Imaginary Psychology LP + 7" flexi

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Matt Baldwin on the Fender Strat is the last living prophet. Here is a young man who plays with a technical skill and virtuosity that few can ever hope to attain, and does so rather easily. Wherever one hears this record, one will find him. His lucid tapes are for truck drivers, surfers, painters, pilots, miners, lovers, loners, what have you; for those in prayer; for those performing surgery; for those on the moving sidewalk… It’s music to win by. Baldwin’s latest work follows releases on American Dust and Tompkins Square. This deluxe album is pressed on white vinyl and comes packaged in a foil-stamped jacket replete with a bonus 7-inch flexi disc. Full release digital download includes the track Drowning Butterflies from the flexi.