MATS GUSTAFSSON - piano mating LP

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They sound like two holes puncturing the fabric of reality - holes that disobey time and space; black holes then, where you can poke your head through and see what is really going on behind the curtain.

The two side-long pieces of Piano Mating by Mats Gustafsson are incredibly pure, simple-sounding and slowly-ascending drones that feel convincingly like tractor beams for the soul.

Is this spiritual music for heathens? It happened because we asked Mats to compose an album using an instrument he'd never recorded with before.

He came back with one of the most bizarre pieces of kit ever - the Dubreq Pianomate. A deliciously odd device from the manufacturers of the Stylophone, which turns your nan's living room piano into, well, a giant Stylophone! Mats doesn't hook his up to a piano though.

Instead he manipulates the machine on its own to wring out these strange, expressive sonic prayers.