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Here comes the much anticipated reissue of the seminal French synthpop classic Les Visiteurs Du Soir by MATHEMATIQUES MODERNES. Released in 1981 on the famous Celluloid imprint, this masterpiece has been out of print since its initial pressing.  Mathématiques Modernes was the project of keyboardist CLAUDE ARTO and vocalist/lyricist EDWIGE BRAUN-BELMORE. Arto has also worked with French bands Artefact and Spions. Also, to note, the late French producer JACNO also worked on the Mathématiques Modernes record.  This gem needs no introduction to the fans who have enjoyed the classics from this era. The record is a very diverse blend of new wave, almost progressive arrangement, baroque melodies, complex rhythmic structures, and plenty of so called “cold wave” sprinkled in.  The addition of horns was not a common finding during these times and is also represented on this eclectic record.  Probably the most well known track, “Disco Rough” was a single as well as was later included on the popular comp, So Young But So Cold, Underground French Music 1977-1983 released in 2004 on Tigersushi Records.  It is staple in many DJ sets with its sassy lyrics and jagged synth hooks. The album features string arrangements which was somewhat unique to the new wave scene.  Most notably, the track “Jungle Hurt” displays the wonderful arrangements that interface well with the synth textures and percussion. The track “A + B = C” has also been featured on various “Flexi-pop” comps and has a quirky melody accented by xylophone.  The final track on the LP is an interesting medley of various tracks on the LP with interesting transitions. This LP has become very collectable for original copies and (when rarely found) is quite expensive. The original tape masters have been restored and remastered by Gilbert Castro of Celluloid Records. The sound quality is unparalleled. This record will surely need to make a mandatory arrival in the collections of fans of French new wave, early synthpop, and lovers of all things late 70s/early 80s.