square of opposition


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Two bands from Eastern PA take a similar approach to a varying end on this Split 12" LP that serves as a vinyl debut for both. As one is veering towards droning instrumental noise, the other is heading along a grinding path. This record is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. Each cover has been lovingly screen printed by hand in the garage of a 94 year old man.

Square of Opposition Records has teamed up two new bands, or at least two that are new to me team up for a split 12” LP. Masato Tanaka starts things off. Their side of the split contains nine tracks. Over the course of these songs the trio incorporate the worlds of metal, grind, and punk into one. But the most identifiable aspect of the band's music is their use of keys. The resulting sound of all this being thrown together is a mixture of early Mr. Bungle and a death metal version of The Blood Brothers… if you can imagine that.

Pocket Gallows occupies the flip side and delivers three songs. Each of these songs encompasses an entirely different style. One minute the band is blasting through a chaotic metalcore attack, the next they're delivering a low-end droning metal opus. I must say I prefer the latter.