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Long deleted, originally released by Columbia Records on March 1970, “ Kokotsu / Ecstasy” is here re-released for the first time. Sonic-wise, the disc unleashes a whirlpool of Latin styled mondo -sexploitation sounds that get spiced up with feminine breathing and respiration sounds, moaning and hissing, igniting a maelstrom of assorted eroticism and sexual depravity. In all, it resembles a caged vixen engaged in sexual intercourse, hatching out cries, moans, sighs, words and other sounds such as the crackling of a whip and such, bringing out fully every possible sound made by a ballbuster in heat. The name of Kuwahara Masami may be an unfamiliar one but he was the person responsible for giving Ike Reiko her distinct sound on the record “ Kokotsu no Sekai ” for which he provided the musical backbone and arrangements unto which Ike could utter her depraved songs. The album “ Kokotsu / Ecstasy” however was recorded slightly before his engagement with Ike Reiko but jus as “ Kokotsu no Sekai ” it's erotic presence flutters across a multitude of erogenous non-verbal modes - moaning and uttered shrieks of ecstatic pleasure, sibilating suffocated whispers of excitement, and grunting and growling of a caged and sexually charged vixen.

Certainly the sounds of this record which leave nothing to the imagination as to what is going on, sounds which set forth the act of sexual heavy petting in its most lustful aspects and leaving nothing to the imagination, surely causing erotic and lustful sexual stimulation in any normal person upon spinning this disc. If you dug Ike Reiko, then this is definitely a worthy successor dwelling in the same regions of depravity. One time only limited press, housed in a sturdy hard card mini-LP styled gatefold sleeve. Digitally remastered from the original master tapes and graced with faithfully reproduced artwork and obi. Comes with 4 pages of extensive liner notes, complete with an interview of Kuwahara Masami