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Edition of 1000 copies, gold foil embossed sleeve

Minimal Wave present Kintsugi, Martin Dupont’s first album in 35 years. The album features lush re-works of their old songs, originally released on their highly sought after 1980s albums. The French band is known for making beautiful, heady electronic, with striking, poetic vocals. A hard-to-classify group from Marseille with a cult following and some mainstream success, Martin Dupont has inspired some of the luminaries of the contemporary music scene crossing many genres from trip-hop to electro to techno. Kintsugi reassembles their old spirt that is colorful, enthusiastic, and delicate, yet also melancholy and mysterious. A mixture of hot and cold, light and dark. Martin Dupont’s music is considered electronic though they incorporate guitars and clarinets as well. They are described by many as New Wave, though their music truly transcends genres. Listen to Kintsugi, a collection of Martin Dupont’s emotive songs that have now been reinvigorated with a larger than life presence. Record manufactured in France and organized via Meidosem.