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In many ways I feel as if this is the most important record I have ever done. The spirit of this record sums up what Rok Lok Records has always been and will always be about- friendship and the exchange of ideas. For the last several years I'd have been exchanging words via letter, email and even in person with my buddy Thomas (who happens to play in both of these bands). He started mail ordering records from me several, several years ago and quickly we became good friends. Now, I am able to document his art and ideas proving that this international network we have may not be changing the world but it is allowing us in small pockets to live meaningful lives that are defined by art, music, and the exchange of ideas. It makes me proud to be apart of something that is documenting the positive aspects of the human relationship.On this split record we have two of the finest British imports since Benny Hill (sorry,bad inside joke!), Exeter's own Marshall Teller and Halftime Parade offer up an incredible slice of wax. Marshall Teller plays gruff vocal yet melodic indie punk that meshes together the influences of Leatherface, Broccoli, and Small Brown Bike.While on the flip side Halftime Parade does an absolute brilliant job of cherry picking the best aspects of Urusei Yatsura and Pavement to make this best indie rock my ears have heard since the 90s. This record has a pressing of 300 all on black vinyl