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MARSHALL TELLER - A Farewell to Kings 10"

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super gruff, misery punk. broccoli / leatherface. emo packaging.

I love me some Marshall Teller, both physically and musically. This is their latest release, a 5 song 10" of their uber gruff melodic punk. Yeah, you've got a million gruff punk records already, but luckily Marshall Teller are doing something different with a well worn style. For starters, sometimes they play dead slow, like Broccoli on Home. And when they play fast, it's incredibly messy and broken, which appeals to a deaf bastard like myself. I very much enjoy their hyper ragged state, with the guitar flailing around manically like it was in some kind of death throe, and the bass and drums don't exactly get out of the way. Everything collides, falls down, bounces back up and then rushes off again in the opposite direction, whist Thomas coughs up last nights vegan hot pot.

If you have a thing for galloping punk rock that suddenly gets all pondering and slow, then Marshall Teller are for you. Basically they've taken nods from Leatherface and Broccoli and come up with a really fine result. Take my words with pinches of salt as I am incredibly biased about this band, but regardless, I think this is: Ace! super gruff, misery punk. broccoli / leatherface. emo packaging.