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MARK McGUIRE - the instinct LP

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Former Emerald Mark McGuire channels Tangerine Dream and Manuel Göttsching on his new solo album. It's a proper untethered kosmic journey in two parts: A-side 'The Instinct' combines soaring guitars and synths with a propulsive techno rhythm that's equal parts Jan Hammer and Carl Craig, but heard from a real outsider stance. It makes Petar Dundov's recent kosmische techno excursions pale in comparison by giving it all up, from the sky-scraping guitar solo to the untethered arpeggios and genuinely weighty, dancefloor-ready machine rhythms prepped to blow minds at the right time, in the right place. B-side, 'New Adaptations (Of The Human Spirit) is a sublime, expansive counterpoint first realised for McGuire's 2012 tour of New Zealand, veering from intergalactic synth blooms to shimmering guitars, rolling drums and drifting vocal harmonies with the sweetest intent and astral ambition.