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MARK ENBATTA - mark enbattas tribe LP

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Mark Enbatta's recording career started in 1982 with The Vietnam Veterans. Although an official split was declared in 1987, the members of the band never stopped working together under various names like The Curanderos, The Late Veterans, The Veterans, The Vietnam Chain, The Smiling Droopies, The Gitanes or even on solo projects. By the way, the audience never stopped calling them The Vietnam Veterans... There was nothing you could do about it! When Lucas Trouble died in 2016, Mark officially declared they wouldn't use the original band's name anymore. Lucas wasn't an original member but he was Mark's friend and partner in crime since the early days. The further psychedelic adventures of The Vietnam Veterans will now happen as The Tribe. Same singer/songwriter, two former members of the VV's and a new bassist. The Tribe's first album is maybe darker than what people could expect but Mark wrote it during Lucas Trouble's agony. Five years after 'A Fistful Of Love', here is another trip inside haunted human minds. Some bad trips give special emotions.