MARIA MINERVA - Sacred & Profane Love 12"

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Tallinn’s finest closes out a powerhouse debut year with her most confident collection yet of alternate universe club/love anthems, channeled through the warped East Euro sieve of Maria’s magic eye. Deep, gold-sweat cuts like “A Love So Strong” and “Gloria” and “Another Time & Place” are some of the most enticingly housed-out dancefloor sphinxes in her oeuvre, and are surprisingly light on the classic bedroom haze production style, favoring instead a crisp, shimmering bath-house mode that’s as pure pleasure as the lyrical agenda. Exquisite weirdo beauty, and DJ gold for the bold heads in the booth. 5 tracks total, plus a killer Ital remix. Black vinyl 12 inches in epic metallic foil-stamped medieval illustration jackets (first SILK 12” not in a label disco sleeve).