MARGARET FREEMAN - Afrikaner's Street LP

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A vinyl reissue of an industrial/electronic tape release from 1989 by members of Urbain Autopsy. The album includes a cover of 'Nag Nag Nag' by Cabaret Voltaire. A duo born after the separation of URBAIN AUTOPSY. Created in 1989 by Overload System (Pascal Jeannet) to the sampler and Chris.P. (Christophe Mielle) on vocals, it was to develop a radical and innovative musical project. They will be joined by Fiflo (Ex Ausweis keyboard) on bass then by Peewee (Ex Flitox drummer) who will replace Chris.P. singing. Margaret Freeman influenced by Suicide, The Young Gods, or Ministry for Swans, Nurse With Wound, Coil, Butthole Surfers, Shock Headed Peters, The Residents and many other music groups or sources. To quote that some lay the foundations of a minimalist electronic rock, powerful and enervated.

Dark and nihilistic texts, mechanical music and structured around an energetic rhythm, Margaret Freeman will be part of an underground and industrial musical current made of a few appearances on international compilations and tapes recorded "at home". This album is a live performance at the Etablissements Phonographiques de lEst, a Parisian venue of the experimental stage where Déficit des Années Antérieurs, Jean-Louis Costes, Psychodrama, Moral Club and Entre Vifs played.

Original cassette which was used for the vinyl edition on Chameleon, 4th reference of the label Tears Compilations of José Vinci who was the third member of Urbain Autopsy. 50 copies only. Recorded by Jacques Perdereau, producer and technician of Radio Libertaire." - Cameleon.